Real Estate: How to Find the Perfect Property
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Real Estate: How to Find the Perfect Property

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Real Estate: How to Find the Perfect Property

4 Roles You Can Play in an Owners' Corporation

Colleen Harris

People who own units, flats or apartments usually automatically become members of an owners' corporation where that property is located. This article discusses some of the roles that new members of an owners' corporation can perform.

As an Ordinary Member of the Owners' Corporation

The first level that you can play a role in an owners' corporation is as an ordinary member of the corporation. Your contributions at this level can come in the form of making suggestions about how the common property should be managed. For instance, you can suggest that the fence should be replaced with a more secure one. Such contributions can be made during an assembly of all the members of the owners' corporation. The decisions that are made during such assemblies are binding on everyone associated with the corporation because the assembly is the supreme decision-making body of an owners' corporation.

As a Committee Member

The assembly of the members of the owners' corporation usually elects a committee to oversee the functions of the owners' corporation. For instance, the committee oversees the manager who implements the decisions of the assembly. You can serve as one of the elected members on the committee of your owners' corporation. The positions there include that of the secretary and the chairperson.

As a Delegate of the Owners' Corporation

The assembly of the owners' corporation can delegate someone to perform a given function on its behalf. For instance, the delegate of the owners' corporation can be assigned the task of visiting a property that is managed by a corporate management firm in order to verify their suitability to be hired to manage the common property of your owners' corporation. This delegate can be someone who may or may not be a member of the owners' corporation. You can be the one who performs that role.

As a Delegate of the Committee

You can also serve the role of a delegate of the committee that was elected by the assembly of the owners' corporation. The committee can select you to act on its behalf in the performance of a role that they were given by the assembly. For example, you can be delegated to handle any inquiries about the records of the owners' corporation.

As you can see, many avenues exist for you to make a valuable contribution to your owners' corporation. You should, therefore, study the rules governing your owners' corporation so that you offer to participate in any role that becomes available.