Real Estate: How to Find the Perfect Property
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Real Estate: How to Find the Perfect Property

Hi, my name is Damian and this is the story of my life. I have been pretty lucky. I had parents who loved me and I went to a pretty good school and got a nice job. Last year, I married a wonderful woman. However, something was missing from my life. I realised that I didn't live in the kind of house I wanted to live in. I wanted a bigger house with a garden. And I wanted to own the house rather than renting it. I was put in contact with a real estate agent who really helped me to understand the housing market and he found me a great place and at fantastic price.


Real Estate: How to Find the Perfect Property

Why You Should Be Looking for These Specific Traits When It Comes to Your Choice of Settlement Agent

Colleen Harris

You cannot afford to go it alone when you're attempting to buy your first home. A lot will be unfamiliar to you and it will be important to get the proper type of professional help by your side throughout the process. Remember, a lot is at stake and you don't want to incur needless expenditure, wasted energy or worse – the loss of your dream home. One of the key figures as this drama unfolds is going to be the settlement agent. What should you be thinking about, when you choose the right individual?

Proactive and Easy to Work with

This can be quite a protracted affair, so it's important to get along with the professional team that you choose. You need to be able to connect well with the settlement agent and be sure that they are engaged in your specific situation. While much of this may be procedural when it comes to the contract and the actual settlement, individual circumstances are always in play. You're going to have to ask those questions and explore different situations with the agent, so make sure that you connect.

You want a settlement agent who is proactive, as well. Much needs to be done and various other parties have to be brought in. Make sure that your agent keeps in regular touch with you and that they in turn ensure that others keep to timelines and do their own part.

Detail Oriented

Expect to come across a variety of legal jargon when it comes to conveyancing and settlement. Your agent will need to be very diligent when it comes to figuring out all the finer details and making sure that all relevant deadlines are kept. Professionalism is very important here, as the smallest mistake could lead to the biggest of penalties. You will need to find a settlement agent with a reputation for attention to detail.

Being Specific

It's always possible to get a lawyer who is registered in your state to be a conveyancer. They may well be qualified, but do they have the specific experience to represent you best when it comes to settlement? Often, a licensed settlement agent will be more up-to-date with everything and will have a more all-round depth of knowledge.

Why This Is Important

Look for all of these positive traits in a settlement agent that you choose and remember that this is one of the biggest transactions you are likely to encounter in your life.